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Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer is a leading UK Personal Training and Lifestyle business with a reputation of being some of the best personal trainers in Manchester. As a business, Ollie and his team teach and mentor clients on how to improve their lives through their diet, exercise and by encouraging healthier lifestyle choices.

All clients train out of a specially designed and private gym located in Denton (junction 24 M60) allowing quick access to key motorway networks, making it ideal for personal training clients based in: Stockport, Cheshire, Tameside, Oldham, East Manchester, Ashton under Lyne, Stalybridge, Hyde and Manchester City Centre. Clients are taught either directly one on one with Ollie or one of the dedicated personal trainers who make up the team (please see meet the trainers section on the website).

What you’ll receive when you choose Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer:

  • A private, fully-equipped,  gym to train in
  • One-on-one personal training sessions with one of the best personal trainers in Manchester
  • A personal nutrition plan designed around you, your lifestyle and your goals
  • Up-to-date, effective training methods based on modern research
  • Unlimited tips on training, nutrition & body composition

Fully-equipped private gym

Unlike other personal trainers in Manchester, Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer has opened a specialised private gym, creating a unique personal training environment, which is why our client success rate is so high. By having the facility that we do, Ollie and team can focus on you – educating and informing you, making sure you’re training correctly and ensuring optimal technique and intensity in order for you to hit your goals.

At Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer, you train in private –  just one to one, so Ollie or one of the dedicated personal trainers can focus on you alone, taking away the stereotype or stigma of feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed that many people link with normal, public gyms.

Training methods

While most personal trainers in Manchester train with clients in public gyms, the team at Ollie Lawrence use one to one training sessions, typically 2-3 times per week, combined with a specifically designed nutrition plan. This simple but highly effective combination of exercise and diet is a proven formula for success. However, it is recognised that no 2 clients are the same and therefore all diets and programmes are specially created for each individual, and we work closely with you over the weeks to ensure they keep working for you.

Nutritional advice

All nutrition plans are individually written, unlike common nutrition guidelines that are handed out by other personal trainers in Manchester, and use the latest in protein, carbohydrate and fat research combined with correct hydration levels. All clients receive plans and programmes that include food and drink recommendations with helpful tips to make simple changes that will improve the way you look and feel. For example, did you know that for every 35lb of body weight you should be drinking 1/2 litre of water to stay fully hydrated?

We help you achieve your goals*

No matter what the end result you are looking to achieve; whether its weight loss or weight control, increased muscle mass or fat loss –  everything is broken down into simple steps that you can understand and your individual trainer will be sure to stay closely in touch to make sure you always have the full support you need.

Professional sports clients

Since the business was founded in 2010, Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer have worked tirelessly to enhance their brand within the health and fitness industry. This includes regular slots on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Five Live.
You can listen to one of the appearances below

BBC radio

On a personal note, Ollie has worked in the USA for a short time in 2009 and trained professional American athletes. Furthermore, members of the Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer team can boast working with a number of professional athletes and highly regarded clients alike, so no matter the trainer, you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands around with regards to personal training.

What do I do next to start training?

So, if you’re looking for a team of professional personal trainers in Manchester that can help you achieve your goals, fill out a consultation form or call Ollie directly on 07540 135 814.

Don’t take our word for it see these past success stories*

*(Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and the amount of training they apply)


Ivan Ruggles


I've been training with Ollie for over 2 years and still continue to learn new and interesting information about my health and fitness. I came to Ollie originally to gain some muscle size and reduce my body fat, as I hadn't exercised properly in 3-4 years since completing university, furthermore I had a long term lower back injury that used to hinder my life considerably.  I'm like most people, regularly attending the gym for many years, but without any proper knowledge of what I was actually doing.

Within minutes of meeting Ollie and speaking with him with regards to his training ideas and methodology, I knew he was the right man for me to work with. Ollie is an exceptional trainer and his enthusiasm, desire, planning and organisation are exceptional, along with a very solid nutritional and exercise knowledge base.

Originally I may have been a bit naive when I was researching a personal trainer to work with. I was expecting to find a person who is highly qualified and knows what they are doing. Ollie is all that and so much more! He is highly skilled, he supports, teaches and mentors all of his clients on an individual level, and you can really see that personal training is his passion. He always has a cheerful manner to his training approach, which in turn motivates me as a client.

Since first contacting Ollie, I've added 2 stone (28lbs) of muscle, reduced my body fat to lowest its ever been to around 12% and moreover cured my long term back injury. However. the most important thing is Ollie makes the whole experience fun and I look forward to every session as two sessions are never the same. As I spend most of the day looking after others it is great when I can leave most of thinking to him. Ollie has a very loyal long term client base and I am proud to say I am part of that. If you looking for a professional, personable personal trainer that get results, Ollie is your man. Give him a call today you wont be disappointed.




I've been training with Ollie for 8 months now, and I can honestly say for the first time in my life I'm actually enjoying exercise! Ollie is a constant pillar of support and on those days when you want to give up, he's there making sure you carry on! Your goal, becomes his goal and he won't rest until you've reached that goal. Thanks to Ollie I now have a healthy relationship with food, and I'm the fittest I've ever been! I couldn't recommend Ollie enough...he's a true professional who gets results, and makes the journey incredibly enjoyable! A word of warning.... don't tell Ollie you can't do anything, because before you know it, your doing it!

James dadge

James Dadge


I came to Ollie feeling very sorry for myself. I had hit 40, and taken effectively no serious exercise for 8 years. With family and work pressure in particular finding the time to do something was tricky. A recent medical put me in the obese category. I was overweight and working long hours. Also, colleagues at work began to comment, that I was slower and lacked energy when previously I was always very energetic and enthusiastic. My kids said I looked like Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig!

Luckily I stumbled on to Ollie’s website and saw in particular the consistent results he obtained for clients over the years. Having taken the step to do something, I now set time to work with Ollie, not just in the gym but on my diet. Within a week I felt less bloated and within work my mental agility improved along with my energy levels. I took the decision to invest in my fitness, not just for my own health, but for those who rely on me both at home and at work. I now feel much more balanced and energised able to meet my daily demands.


*(Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and the amount of training they apply)


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sally howarth
sally howarth

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Four months ago I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle. I had been struggling with my weight for many years, was on a path to ill health and wanted to make big changes to my lifestyle to give me a healthy future.

So glad I found Ollie! With his help and motivation, four months later I have lost 50lb, dropped 3 clothes sizes, am much healthier and stronger and can do things I haven’t been able to do for years. And I am getting healthier and stronger and more flexible every day which feels great.

Right from the start, Ollie made me feel comfortable in the gym and took the time to make sure I really understood about healthy nutrition and hydration.

Ollie is clearly passionate about the success of all those who train at his gym. His enthusiasm is infectious – the hard work is mixed with lots of positivity and laughter. The gym environment is relaxed and friendly and I feel very comfortable there. Every training session is different – it is never boring and the pace keeps me focussed. Ollie constantly adjusts the sessions to get the best out of me and pushes me to achieve more and more. He knows what I am capable of and motivates me to do it.

Big lifestyle change isn’t easy and definitely takes commitment and effort but it is well worth it. I am absolutely certain that with Ollie’s help I am going to reach my goal weight by next year. I trust in his approach and am already seeing and feeling the benefits. I highly recommend Ollie to anyone who wants to take control of their health, weight and fitness.

Big thank you Ollie.

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