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Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer is a leading UK Personal Training and Lifestyle business with a reputation of being some of the best personal trainers in Manchester. As a business, Ollie and his team teach and mentor clients on how to improve their lives through their diet, exercise and by encouraging healthier lifestyle choices.

All clients train out of a specially designed and private gym located in Denton (junction 24 M60) allowing quick access to key motorway networks, making it ideal for personal training clients based in: Stockport, Cheshire, Tameside, Oldham, East Manchester, Ashton under Lyne, Stalybridge, Hyde and Manchester City Centre. Clients are taught either directly one on one with Ollie or one of the dedicated personal trainers who make up the team (please see meet the trainers section on the website).

What you’ll receive when you choose Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer:

  • A private, fully-equipped gym to train in
  • One-on-one personal training sessions with one of the best personal trainers in Manchester
  • A personal nutrition plan designed around you, your lifestyle and your goals
  • Up-to-date, effective training methods based on modern research
  • Unlimited tips on training, nutrition & body composition

Fully-equipped private gym in Manchester

Unlike other personal trainers in Manchester, Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer has opened a specialised private gym, creating a unique personal training environment, which is why our client success rate is so high. By having the facility that we do, Ollie and team can focus on you – educating and informing you, making sure you’re training correctly and ensuring optimal technique and intensity in order for you to hit your goals.

At Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer, you train in private –  just one to one, so Ollie or one of the dedicated personal trainers can focus on you alone, taking away the stereotype or stigma of feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed that many people link with normal, public gyms.

Look at the difference clients have achieved with us

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Professional sports clients

BBC radio personal trainers manchesterSince the business was founded in 2010, Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer have worked tirelessly to enhance their brand within the health and fitness industry. This includes regular slots on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Five Live. You can listen to one of the appearances below:

On a personal note, Ollie has worked in the USA for a short time in 2009 and trained professional American athletes. Furthermore, members of the Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer team can boast working with a number of professional athletes and highly regarded clients alike, so no matter the trainer, you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands around with regards to personal training.

Training methods

While most Manchester-based personal trainers work with clients in public gyms, the team at Ollie Lawrence use one to one training sessions, typically 2-3 times per week, combined with a specifically designed nutrition plan. This simple but highly effective combination of exercise and diet is a proven formula for success. However, it is recognised that no 2 clients are the same and therefore all diets and programmes are specially created for each individual, and we work closely with you over the weeks to ensure they keep working for you.

Nutritional advice

All nutrition plans are individually written, unlike common nutrition guidelines that are handed out by other personal trainers and fitness instructors in Manchester, and use the latest in protein, carbohydrate and fat research combined with correct hydration levels. All clients receive plans and programmes that include food and drink recommendations with helpful tips to make simple changes that will improve the way you look and feel. For example, did you know that for every 35lb of body weight you should be drinking 1/2 litre of water to stay fully hydrated?

We help you achieve your goals

No matter what the end result you are looking to achieve; whether its weight loss or weight control, increased muscle mass or fat loss –  everything is broken down into simple steps that you can understand and your individual trainer will be sure to stay closely in touch to make sure you always have the full support you need.

View client transformations

FREE 30 Minute Consultation…

In your 30 minute free consultation, we can discuss your goals, experience and preferred training schedule. This also gives you a chance to ask any questions that you have before going forward. So, if you’re looking for a team of professional personal trainers in Manchester that can help you achieve your goals, fill out a consultation form on the right hand side of this page or call Ollie directly on 07540 135 814.


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Don't take our word for it see these past success stories*

*(Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and the amount of training they apply)

  • “Every session Andy makes sure I put 100% in and I'm constantly improving on what I'm doing...”

    I have been training with Andy for just over four months, in that time I have lost fat, gained fitness and began to gain quality muscle weight. We train three times a week doing different routines every week whilst regularly checking up on our weight and development pictures to see if we are progressing in the best possible way.

    Before I met Andy, I went to the gym with little knowledge and not much motivation, now every session Andy makes sure I put 100% in and I'm constantly improving on what I'm doing. During our sessions nutrition has been key to achieving the results i have done, Andy has taught me alot about how the body works and he constantly explains why we are doing a certain exercise. With the nutrition work and the exercise taught by Andy, I'm constantly seeing progress throughout the weeks I train. I would highly recommend Andy as a personal trainer as he motivates very well and knows exactly what it takes to progress and reach my potential.

    *Thomas McCabe
  • “In the short period so far I have seen better results than the whole of last year...”

    I thought I had a good understanding about health, weight and fitness but I was going to the gym and not losing weight so decided to contact Shaun to see where I was going wrong. Shaun gave me a lot deeper understanding of correct technique, training to lose weight, training to tone up, what to eat, when to eat it etc I had never touched a medicine ball, I didn't know what the hell a bosu ball was and as for a TRX!!!! but in the short period so far I have seen better results than the whole of last year. Its also a real good laugh with Shaun on session and he definitely puts personality into his work. Highly recommended and value for money

    *Reggie Subhrai
  • “He makes the sessions fun and strangely enjoyable, and his constant comments of encouragement get me through...”

    I started training with Ollie in January of 2011, he has always been on my side and at times I am sure I have pushed his patience no end. My job takes over my life, but I manage to fit three training sessions a week, even though I am shattered, and training is the last thing I want to do, he can lift my spirits and he pushes me beyond my belief system allows me. His belief that I can do it, even when I tell him I can't, amazes me. He makes the sessions fun and strangely enjoyable, and his constant comments of encouragement get me through. Ollie is an excellent personal trainer, he brings other things to my sessions, he can predict my mood and makes the sessions restore my faith in myself. So far i have lost over 60lbs as of December 2011.

    *Jessica Scot, Area Manager, Aged 45
  • Viv Client at Ollie Lawrence “Since starting out with Ollie I have lost 3.5 stones and gone from a size 20 to 14...”

    Ollie has helped turn my life around. I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and hit an all time low. Surgery was successful, however myself esteem took a downward spiral and the weight escalated. 9 months ago I found Ollie after another health scare and was informed I must loose weight. Ollie is a full package when it comes to fitness and weight loss. He believes in me and my capabilities more than I do myself. He is enthusiastic and very patient and focuses his full attention on me during my sessions with him. He provides an individual workout and diet regime based on health problems and capabilities which has kept me motivated and wanting to achieve more. Since starting out with Ollie I have lost 3.5 stones and gone from a size 20 to 14. I have increased energy and fitness, I also look good and feel good in myself, no longer hiding under loose fitting clothes, happy to show off my new figure. I look forward to my twice weekly sessions with Ollie as no sessions are the same which is great as I never know what he has in store for me which gives me more of a challenge every time. He recently inspired me to do a 5k run for cancer charity which was a great success. Everyone wanting to change their life should think about contacting Ollie.

    *Vivienne Appanah, Head Nurse, Aged 55
  • “I feel more positive, have a much clearer mind, my body is more toned but to my amazement my panic attacks have stopped...”

    Before starting the Nutrition and training with Jake, I was looking to loose a little weight and tone up but mostly, I was hoping for some help with my panic attacks. I was training 2 times per week and I thought I was generally good with my nutrition. I’m a big fan of juicing and would always start my day off with a lovely homemade pure juice, I would also eat well for lunch and dinner but I loved my snacks. Being a mum of two and running my own business it’s easy to slip into a habit of grabbing a snack on your way out or if the kids are asking for something!!

    When I met with Jake I was really pleased that he could offer nutrition and Training as from previous Personal trainers I worked with it was always just the training and the results just aren’t as good or as quick.

    Jake makes the training enjoyable and he adapts your sessions to my ability and strength on each occasion. It’s so different to what I’ve done before and the results have been amazing as well as fast. Within the first month, physically I could feel my energy levels rising and I could get up easier in the morning. I feel more positive, have a much clearer mind, my body is more toned but to my amazement my panic attacks have stopped!

    Jake is a fabulous mentor and I would recommend him to all who really what to make a change, feel better and more positive in their life.

    *Karrie Chapman, Manchester
  • “After the 1st month I'd lost all the extra body fat I had on me and cut down to about 8% body fat...”

    I've been training with Andy for close to 5 months now and seen crazy results. We started off on a fat lost program while we started to find out where our body's were at physically. After the 1st month id lost all the extra body fat I had on me and cut down to about 8% body fat, while progressing on strength training using the weights.

    We then started a carb cycling program which didn't work for me so I went to a clean bulk to get a bit bigger and stronger and the results from my lifting were massive. I wasn't gaining that much visible weight but was feeling a lot stronger and feeling better.

    I've just started a 10 week cut that will allow me to get to a low body fat again before my holiday while still maximising the strength that I have developed.

    Andy is very good at changing up the workouts so the body isn't getting used to the same work outs week in and out. He is able to encourage and aid you to get the max out of your sessions and always makes you feel good after a hard session. His knowledge of nutrition is excellent and you will always get an answer to any problems you have with diet and is good at assessing what is working for you personally and what to stay away from. With all the previous said, it also shows that Andy is adaptable to different people and their phases of training.
    Highly recommend!

    *Ryan Hamlett
*(Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and the amount of training they apply)

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Roy Saunders
Roy Saunders

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I knew immediately when I met Ollie that that this time it was different. After years of poor lifestyle choices, bad habits and many attempts to 'get fit' Ollie's no-nonsense approach and clear explanation of the importance of nutrition, diet and exercise meant that I finally understood what was required. 12 weeks later, more than 2 stones lighter, immeasurably fitter and healthier the blood pressure tablets are now in the bin. Ollie intuitively understands his clients, knows how to get the best out of you and matches your commitment to help you make lifestyle changes that are sustainable and long lasting. Working with Ollie has made a lasting impression on me, I don't know if it's saved my life, it has definitely extended it. I highly recommend Ollie.

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